What is DPC

Direct Primary Care strives to provide better care, without insurance, closing the gap in the doctor-patient relationship. For a small, flat, membership fee you will have better access to, and more time with, your primary care provider. DPC offers unrushed visits with a focus on wellness rather than illness to improve health outcomes. This helps to create a better patient medical experience and lower healthcare costs for the individual, the medical practice, employer groups, and health care overall.

A Direct Primary Care practice can take care of 90% of your health care needs for a lower cost than an insurance based medical practice. By eliminating fee-for-service, and only requiring care that is necessary your healthcare provider and you are goal aligned in your wellness.

What members see:

  1. Reduced out of pocket cost
  2. Plenty of time with their primary care provider; no rushed visits
  3. Same day appointments
  4. Significantly shorter wait times
  5. Receive care over the phone, through text, video chats, etc.
  6. Simplified, transparent billing
  7. An increased emphasis on health and wellness, (not sick care).

Insurance coverage for catastrophic care for things like hospitalization and surgery are still recommended. FlexPerx DPC Pro can help with that as well.