FlexPerx creates consistent value helping our customers meet their health needs, save money, and live better. Here is how we do it:  

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FlexPerx DPC Pro

FlexPerx DPC Pro was created specifically for Direct Primary Care clinics because we recognized the need in the DPC space to operate more efficiently without all the bloat and complexity of other patient management systems currently available.  FlexPerx Health has been built “from the ground up” specifically for DPC practices, and will continue to evolve as those needs change.

FlexPerx DPC Pro was developed based on specific feedback and use cases from Access Healthcare Direct and is the best tool on the market for processing payments, managing active/inactive patients, communicating to your patients via email, and allowing you to step away from your practice knowing that there is support provided by GoMD telemedicine doctors.

Bundling our FlexPerx benefits with your DPC membership allows you to pass along huge value to your patients through our national discount program, offering something that no other DPC, outside of the Access Healthcare Direct network, can.  In most cases, the savings afforded your patients by the FlexPerx Discounts will completely offset the cost of the DPC membership.

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