Employee Retention and Loyalty

FlexPerx discounts offers a variety of products and services, ranging from hotels and vacation destinations, consumer goods and services, movie tickets, entertainment and sporting events, auto and home services, beauty and spa treatments, and tax preparation services.

Most employees pay little to no attention to the benefits package after the time of enrollment. Life, health, accidental death and dismemberment… what fun is that?

Let’s save money and encourage that work-life balance that is so often talked about. Employees can save on dining out, electronics, sporting tickets, a ski trip, or bowling. There are discounts available ranging from international brands to your local pizza shop.

With FlexPerx Discounts there is little effort to implement. Your company provides a valuable benefit to employees. FlexPerx has the tools to spread the word and engage your employees. You look like a hero for putting a program in place that helps offset the cost of all the other benefits. Everyone wins!

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Global Travel Assistance
  • Fitness Advantage
  • Pet Care

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